The world made a mistake again

The world is making a mistake again. As always. They are not able to understand and see main thing about “collective soul” – subconscious of nations which produce global tragic events.

For the first time in 43 years, I breathe deeply and my soul is filled with a long-forgotten sensation of happiness. The world is beginning to understand what Russian fascism is. 43 years ago, I experienced the feeling of squeezing my whole being by the bone-breaking machine of Russian fascism. Having fought back, almost losing my life, I managed to get out after five years of deadly opposition to the murderous machine.

Breaking free, to London in the first half of the 80s, I watched with bitterness how day after day, step by step, the free world was losing its positions not understanding the deadly consequences. Russian fascists, with their completely poisoned mentality, climbed like termites from all their holes and slums into the world of freedom and poisoned it day after day.

Restored, after a short pause for reformatting in the early 90s, the machine of Russian nazism increasingly terrorized, corrupted, and killed the free world. I could only helplessly observe the destruction of the free world, it was especially clear to me through music, how Russian-fascist zombies are destroying my life, my world – music.

The Russians are actively embodying now the “final solution” of the “Ukrainian question.” It is not Putin who “hates Ukrainians,” as they write and say all the time in the international press. Putin is a presumptuous fool and therefore he openly “acts”. Fulfills the “order” of the collective unconscious of organic, natural born Russian racists.

Chechnya, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine – these are not territorial “political claims”, which seems to all insensitive people. It’s only on the surface. In fact, this is the action of the constantly self-affirming Russian great-power chauvinism, which all Russians are genetically ill at the subconscious level.

What amazes me, for a long time, is the amazing natural oakiness of modern people. A complete lack of sensitivity and subtlety of the soul. For example they point blank do not see the organic, natural racist Navalny with the level of “humanity” of an iron and the pewter gaze of glass eyes in his skull.

This, simply, is not visible to modern man, because he himself has long been tin-wooden. The chitinous cover of a well-fed, or half-satisfied, prosperous life of the last 20 years has long since seeped into people, became the essence of the soul, replacing spiritual sensitivity with the hard material of the insect cover. What music modern people can have when they lost main “feature” of art – subtitle sensitive soul.

Racism has an endless number of masks among Russians. This is the mask of “devout Orthodoxy”, the mask of “universal love”, but, necessarily, from the “height of one’s position”, the mask of “love for small nations”, which they regard either as “children” or as “younger brothers and sisters” and so on and so forth.

Their cheap pretentious culture loves to “cover with love” the whole world, but it is obligatory to “cover” it, inadvertently, as it were, “from above” in other words – “to cover”. All this would be funny if it were not embodied in the natural militarism of the civilization of impudent scum.

Ukrainians are “wretched” for them, in the words of their favorite fascist mediocre (there are no others among Russians in any form of art) actor Tabakov. This one, too, a presumptuous fool, therefore “voiced” his no longer subconscious, but his conscious conviction.

If Ukraine does not want to be a “younger brother-sister,” we are spit in her face and cut her throat, and she will “calm down” and will wants to. Everything in these “relationships” is implicated in the ferocious savagery of the great-power primitive non-humans.

The conflict between Ukraine and the rotten decayed empire is not political. This is a banal genocide. No matter what masks he wears. Genocide (absorption and assimilation) under the guise of “concern” for “small peoples”, “brother folks” has always been a favorite policy and tactic of aggressive non-humans, Russian imperial chauvinists. Only, they do not “admit” to themselves even in a dream that all that is said here is their true reality, their true and only real face.

So they lied their entire history, so accustomed to lie to themselves and others, fearing the horror of their own subconscious. Russians have always been pretenders, farcical provincial actors. Everything that the “outside view” sees, that they open the gaze of the “foreigner” always trying to “impress” the viewer (and they are always actors, always “play” for the “public”), this is a banal cheap fair decoration.

This also applies to their “musicians” – superficial, dull-emotional artisans, “intuitive animals” who rant about “beauty and intelligence”, who do not have in themselves the rudiments of both. But that’s enough for the public. Aggressive sports “excellence” of their performers has long broken in Europe the remnants of the subtleties of artistic taste.

They are funny and pitiful. If a Russian imperial chauvinist speaks of “love”, then this is necessarily “the greatest love”, if he falls into self-abasement, then this is necessarily the “most insignificant” self-abasement in the “universe”. The main thing is – “we are” more, better, stronger, clever than everything and everyone in everything. This is a primitive savage dominant arrogance of aggressive demi-humans wearing the mask of culture and civilization.

Main plot of Russian subconscious is pathological shameless pretension of superiority over everything, everyone and in everything. This is their subconscious, which today spilled out in the materialized agony of their consciousness killing all around. Impotent of real creativity, people of low intelligence on the level of savages, acute realizing their helplessness brought them to agonizing idea to eliminate the entire world. They can only destroy; they are not able to steady create.

They can only pretend and they successfully fooled the world for quite long especially through their “music” and “art”. The Russian consciousness in its subconscious part suffers from a severe mania of superiority, based on an equally severe inferiority complex. Destroying the world from its own impotence is not the idea of a crazy Putin, this is the passionate dream of the Russian subconscious, which today Putin embodies in reality.

AG ❤