It is very difficult to return the understanding of music to Europe and the world. The brains of people are so brainwashed by Soviet-Russian propaganda for the last 75 years that experts seriously consider anti-culture proletarian-village lunatics like Gilels, Richter, chatty provincial teacher of the the “elementary school” Mr. Neuhaus or the ill crazy Yudina “serious musicians.” Even “geniuses”.

It is almost impossible to return brains to the world and, especially, into European skulls, from which Soviet and Russian cultural propagandists took and still taking out understanding of music, artistic taste, common sense, a sense of freedom and life. In the heads of the “music specialists” of the world reigns impenetrable darkness, stifling lack of freedom, musty province, militant lack of culture. The world of classical music has been turned into a dead stagnant swamp of the provinces, ignorance and mental illness.