Как видят со стороны выходцев из РФ и Украины (Eng)

Чтобы не возникало иллюзий, что “их” не видят насковозь.

Как видят со стороны мудаков-выходцев из РФ и Украины. Всех возрастов и занятий. Из письма моей молодой итальянской подружки.

I’m not very acquainted with Ukrainians and I don’t like to hurt their national sensitivity. But.
I found many who live in Italy, work here and always say how bad Italy is and how good Ukraine is.
Ukrainian/Russian no difference. Probably again same loser-sovs mentality.

Very predictable. I know already what they are going to say, even the words!

They are mindfucked monkeys.

And I notice they try to control everyone

Always controlling and trying to manipulate other people. What they say is always the “absolute true”. They talk with axioms which is also very primitive consciousness.

Caricature of mass mind!

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