Another Ken’s very serious joke – pop Liszt after pop Tchaikovsky. Still some funny moments works good.

🙂 In remembrance of not so long ago time when people were quite different, much more intelligent and refined, greatly attractive even joking. Still they were THE PEOPLE ALIVE, not a strange mixture of “bloody proletarians and petite bourgeoisieas” as they are now 🙂

Nice pop tribute to Ferenz. They were still alive in 70s. What’s happend with people? What’s happend with the WORLD? No other way to answer as DEAD🙂

Oh love, ooooohhhh loooove, sweet love, as long as love as young, as long as I shall last 🙂))))))))))))))))) Enjoy my dear friends. It is not that bad as I thought back in 1975 🙂 I never expected people will degrade so badly those days as they did.

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