Music is the highest spiritual and intellectual achievement of mankind.

 The main reason for the lack of proper understanding of music by so-called artists and musicians, and by the public at large is the narrowly handicraft approach of today’s performers. No-one anywhere will ever penetrate to a truly deep understanding of music if they don’t realise clearly that music is mankind’s highest spiritual and intellectual achievement.

Absolute perfection in the mastery of an instrument, the orchestra , computer music, composition etc – yes, but this is only the very first step on a never-ending staircase leading up into the space of true knowledge and mastery of the art of music. At this first ‘handicraft’ stage most artists seem to call a halt to their development , content to devote their lives to mastering those technical skills and some basic artistic tools, and they consider that a “career” ! What a fatal error! This is what is destroying genuine live music-making on our planet – both its making and its understanding by listeners, by other musicians and by critics. The fact is that what we hear everywhere as a genuine performance of classical is far from it.

True music-making will be ours again only when people clearly understand that great live music can be given to us only by a person possessing the richest set of positive human qualities brought to their highest possible “perfection”. Accordingly, it is infantile, to say the least, to take for ‘music’ the sounds that the army of playing intelligent animals everywhere produce today. Before attending a concert of this or that performer , make sure that you are going to a meeting with an extraordinary person – extraordinary in all respects. Only then will you find a guide to the real cosmos of music where the best, most intelligent , subtle souls that humanity has ever produced live.

Only when people clearly understand the simple fact that music, that unparalleled manifestation of human beauty, is the crown of moral and intellectual achievement in human development – the apogee of its evolution as a species – will we again be given the chance to experience serious music in all its true depth and meaning.

Моим английским друзьям-музыкантам этот пост показался близким и своевременным. И они обработали его на литературном английском языке. Это ещё раз утверждает меня в мысли что наступает время перемен. Для английского языка, культуры и национального характера этот текст немыслимо радикален и груб. Если уж и на вежливом острове это откликнулось, значит созрели люди. Рад.

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