Short interview with Lithuanians

You have seen and played in the most beautiful and the biggest stages in the world. Many critics of music have a good opinion about you, moreover you have a lot of important and huge music awards. If you could go back to your childhood, did that kid would proud of nowadays Andrei Gavrilov? Did all your childhood wishes came true?

– Since I remember myself I always wanted to serve people. It is a continues task. All the rest including any material signs of “recognition” never was important and does not interest me –

You have written and publishes three books. Could you say, that writing is one of your passsion?

– We have basically three richest languages of communication and cognition – music, mathematics and verbal literary language. It is just another language which I use to express subjects I want to study and share with people –

Did the music break not change you? Did you know that you come back to the stages before the music break?

– Constant playing instrument from early childhood not allowing you to grow as human being. You become artesian. Not an artist. That’s the point of stop playing and performing. I hoped but never knew when I could come back –

What is music for you? What message you want to communicate through your music?

– Music is a form of ideal life. Life without material limitations. There is no “single message” in it or “single idea” could be expressed through it. It is a world to share and live in –

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