UPD For those who tugging me in any Soviet/Russian or “music business” mass media materials and associate my name with “Tchaikovsky competition” and other Soviet/Russian pseudo-near-the-music rubbish political propaganda – never do it again please. I also do not belong to “music business”. By any means. It is insulting for music and for me as it has nothing to do with art and serious music. All those forces are most destructive for art, music and humans. It is pure political corrupted rubbish propaganda profiting on music, decorated as “art” activity. It always was and it is in our days. Only much worse than it was. And it always be so before Russia and “music business” will return to true art making and will think about real music and cultural development. Before they will stop “managing” political and financial promotion of new born music slaves. Never forget – Russia, all former Soviet bloc countries, China, US, Canada, most of modern Western Europe and so called “music business” are the worst enemies of true art, of serious music. For one particular reason – they all don’t have proper culture. And they have simple goals – money and influence people’s minds for any kind of cheap and vulgar manipulation. Because of all said above world cultural level has dropped as never before in recent history.


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