UCM Club



Dear potential friends,
over the past three years there has been a complete reformatting, then, closing all of my FB accounts (there were three of them from 2008/2010 to 2016 – Russian, English, German).

From this year we have a “closed community” which is partly presented here on FB. It was formed during previous couple of years. The community works on a club basis. Registered members of the UCM club – becoming active FB friends, associates in assistance the cultural tasks of the community. We do a lot for the development of performing arts, music philosophy, education, culture and, most importantly, we create with our own funds professional studio recordings of completely new interpretations of the most famous works. All our efforts are focused on cultural projects, recordings, publishing musical and philosophical literature, popularizing club ideas all over the world. If there is a desire and opportunity to participate in our active “alternative” musical life – welcome

Andrei Gavrilov and friends-members of UCM club.




46045277_1857250647655451_880365598716985344_n                 Screen shot 2018-11-13 at 12.20.05 PM                    46045277_1857250647655451_880365598716985344_n                   46045277_1857250647655451_880365598716985344_n3.jpg

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