AG UCM Mussorgsky “Pictures at an exhibition” part I. In English.

Aware people and aware music making.

We are entering into a new era of aware musicians. One has to prove he fully understands music in a new form of a very high level “philosophical performance” consisting from all “components” of the “music content” – philosophy, literature, poetry, music analyses, history of peoples, history of culture, history of all forms of art, theatre, painting in tones, psychology, phsychological analyses and many other components of the most complexsynthetic art form we call – “music”. The form of ideal life.

Seriously and professionally preparing new program performer should present it to the audience this way, prepare the audience and then, only then come and perform it in front of aware listeners, aware people. Presenting aware music. The phenomenon of serious music degraded from highly sophisticated philosophy to rather cheap entertainment in our days. Degraded together with our infantile “modern society”, civilisation and culture. Degraded because of unprofessional artists were presenting music unprofessionally and inadequately for hundreds of years.

Here, in front of you what one can call an “interpretation”. If there are “a competition of ideas” and “interpretations” then – Welcome! Do better, cleverer, more precise, more detailed. The rest what’s going on for the last 300 years in the world of interpretation of serious music is unprofessional. No matter how “fast, clean, sensitive, demonic and brilliant” one plays nonsenses. Unaware “music” remains nonsense, no matter “who” and “how” one “plays”.

We, musicians, have and can bring people to a new era of existence, make people aware, happier, living in the better world, in the new aware society where nonsenses are excluded. The best way to start this immense historical challenge in changing the way of human life is to bring people aware music. To give them a chance to enjoy music and life on a “different level” of happiness. Higher level of mind and consciousness. On the more developed stage of human civilization. When they not only will be listening “sounds of music” but understanding music as great philosophy (which in fact it is) with all great meanings and senses it carries in itself.

Not only listeners will benefit of aware music making, but young musicians having such professional tools at their disposal would fly in music space “free as birds”. Fly in the sky. Or, better to say, they will fly in the great composer’s consciousness as astronauts flying in space! Enjoy, my dear fellow musicians!

PS Thank you Dima, you did it! From now on all our work will be accessible for the whole world. It is a major breakthrough.

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