The “piano performing era”

A small message from the near future to today’s monkey pianists, monkey conductors and “other musicians”.

Very soon, people would laugh in universities and music schools of the nearest future at the “piano performing era”. They will look at our time, as we look now, with humor and sympathetic irony, at the savages of the “cargo cult” in the wild parts of Africa and Amazonia. Funny times of “pianism”, “violinism”, “celloism”, “conductionism” and other isms.

Where was the music? Laughingly will be asking their teachers musicians of the near future about shaggy ancestors, goblins-pianists and goblins-conductors of today. They will read megatons of nonsense about “pianism”. As we now laugh, reading the records of the “serious” ancient alchemists about the “stone of mind” or the “crystal of life.”

Funny of course. It is hard to believe, especially for us – here and now on my FB page – that the world still lives in this “hairy archaic” and creates “ratings”, distributing “prizes” to the “best” piano players, pianismodoers and button pushers of the world of “pianism production” and other musical goblins.

Funny, very funny. It is the same with “politics”, “sociology”, “economy”, “ethics”, “aesthetics”, “art”, “humanism”.

Ape-like “moved” in a new era with an archaic brain, world order and attitude. It would be completely ridiculous if only musicians with “their isms” would be existing in our time, but, behold, modern politics with a monkey mindset can cost mankind a great deal.

Comic music band butt heads caricatures our prize band orchestra 1900s humour

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