Elleventh film, the final part of the English version of “Pictures at an exhibition”. “The Great Gate of Kiev”.

Mussorgsky “Passions” are over. Today is exactly one year since we started shooting the first series with Arseny. Just one year. And before us is the result of our collective labor. Great drama, ununderstood by people of the entire world during one and a half century, “Pictures at an exhibition.”
We returned them to the people. We have returned the genius of Mussorgsky forever into history, into the pantheon of the greatest composers, where he will take the place of one of the main musical prophetic thinkers of mankind.

In addition, with this work we drive the decisive final nail into the coffin of the Soviet empire. Putin’s “kingdom of impotents”. Yes. I did not make a reservation, no mistake and did not exaggerate. For a hundred and fifty years, these pygmies of thought and spirit were not able to reveal the genius of Russia’s greatest son. The West, in turn, showed its philosophical helplessness, where the great epic music milestone was treated as an “extravagant souvenir” from “Mother Russia”. And only English street tramps-musicians were able to catch something from the message of the genius son of Russia.

Our work reveals the spiritual, mental and philosophical helplessness of the “modern world.” His vile essence of the abuser over the culture. Who squeezing out of culture material gain, political gain, seeing nothing of what is inherent in the great culture, not being able to give anything to the curture. Today’s world is a huge parasite on all values created by our ancestors. We have uncovered the essence of today’s “pygmies of culture and thought” of the West and Russia, the helplesness of one and the other half of a single great Christian civilization. Musical and cultural geeks of the modern world. Both “Russia” and “The West” live in some kind of illusory world, where culture does not exist at all, but there is a certain ersatz of society that lives in a parallel world, where there is nothing real. Where culture replaced by cheap, rough, primitive surrogates.

Their “silence” over our great cultural investment is very characteristic. The longer they are “silent”, the funnier and more helpless they will look in the eyes of history. Apart from laughter, today’s Russia and the “cultural West” cannot cause anything in a sense of its’ real stand in front of the face of real great culture. Pompous impotents, inflated dwarfs. Dwarfs of Mussorgsky. We live in a time of complete cultural and intellectual degeneration. You should understand this well. Mussorgsky will help you realize this.

Thank you all. Thanks to Modest Petrovich. Thanks to the great culture. Thanks to them, we clearly see where the modern man is. “Comments are superfluous.” Goodbye for a while my dear friends. And hope to see you soon!


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