Coming soon

Coming out very soon. Yesterday I was in chat with my favorite musical team – Bristol guys, we were discussing plans. Part of our chat was about my current plans. As our “wonder-album” coming in a days I copy-paste part of my chat about Schumann
– Now I am finishing Schumann’s album where the “main thing” is his “Symphonic Etudes”. For 200 years (almost) “they were” concentrated on technique not being able to get out of material limits of the physiology of the human body in order to bring music.
It is the best and highest achievement of Schumann-composer. It is pure beauty of clear musical thought, pure philosophy in sounds.
Besides there is a great philosophic and literary romantic plot – to turn the clock of life backwards, turn the time back from death to life (he starts from funeral theme and burial moment of his hero) finding eternal life and joy by winning the Holy Grail Cup
Needless to say, nobody not even disclosed the plot for the past 180 years. That’s how “they treat music”. Just play, make career and earn money. Our world is totally degenerated under this lifestyle and mindset. So, It took 4 years to get things right. And last month I got it right on the recoding.
Now we are (witn my team of balance engineers and producers) finishing editing process and as soon as it is ready I will give it to you to listen. You will find that there is no more “fortepiano” as an “instrument”, but pure music thoughts and images “no-matter-which-instrument delivering it. –
Have a good evening my dearest friends.

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