Album cover EN

Friends, our wonderful album goes to print this week. And now we can reveal the cover design, which was created by these wonderful people: Serge Serov (art director), Katerina Terekhova (design), Oleg Veklenko (graphics).

“There are no diverse interpretations of meaningful, serious music. This is quackery and profanity. There is only an actual artistic truth that great performers must find, learn and tell people about it with words and music”.

“Whatever the musicians of the past have played until now has no value or significance, since they do not truly understand at the root know what they are playing.

They “feel”. And this is the most primitive stage in the development of human intelligence. You cannot feel what you do not know, what you only “guess” about. And to play what you only “guess” and “feel” is an exhibition of ignorance wrapped by empty analysis. And that’s the pre-AG UCM performance level. ”
AG ♥️