Japanese mosaic Part 20

Андрей Гаврилов Andrei is very happy and grateful to Shinji Ono Shinji san for deep look at the core of Andrei’s human intelligence and music understanding revolution.”Yesterday I had the pleasure of listening to a performance by Mr. Gavrilov at the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan. His performance was a miracle, a unique and precious experience. To the hard-headed, the performance may come across as both astonishing and negative. For most people, it’s easy to reject things that are beyond their common sense and understanding.Be that as it may, Dr. Gavrilov is not an aestheticist, to which the beautiful sounding ones are prone, and his performance somehow made me think of the art of fin-de-siècle Vienna, which was poisonous to the world of beauty.

In general, the phrasing, pedaling and choice of tones were all based on deep insights into the work and Mozart, and the seemingly unbalanced tempo setting gave me the satisfaction of feeling that I had a bird’s eye view of everything after the performance. I can only agree with and admire his willingness to dare to cross dangerous bridges for the sake of his ideal music. It was a cry from the soul of Mr. Gavrilov, a level of performance that only those who have reached that level of spirituality can sympathize with, or that those who listen to it can look up with longing. You could say. And in a sense, I think this is a performance that is an ordeal for the listener, where they are confronted with the reality of their own ignorance. It’s like a single, precious thing that you can’t buy, that you can’t sell, no matter how much you pay for it, because it’s so precious.

People must have had a historical experience of such a world of excellence”.