Remember forever!
Серьезная музыка это не “удовольствие” и “расслабление”, не “восхищение” и “восторг” мастерством исполнения. Даже, не “эстетическое наслаждение”. Нет, нет и нет!

Серьезная музыка, великий концерт – это окно в познание мира и себя. Это раскрепощение сознания. Это бесконечный внутренний рост, самосовершенствование. Это “ходы и выходы” в вечность и другие измерения. Это “подсказки свыше”. Это продление жизни. ЭТО САМА ЖИЗНЬ.

Always remember, and never forget !
Serious music is far more than a progenitor of “pleasure”, a reason for “relaxation,” or even a delicatessen of “delight”; it surpasses even the delicacy, flair, sensitivity and passion inspired by the performer, the heartbeat of a demanding score; beyond even the thrill, the sheer “aesthetic pleasure” one feels when in the aural or physical presence of skilled, delightful musicians giving the performance of their lives. Not even rapture includes the whole reason to listen.

No, no and NO! A great concerto, a great symphony, a great Serious musical work – such music goes beyond the notes and provides a window on your “self” and your world; a glimpse of your own soul, a peering into your own existence, an insight about the world-at-large and your breath within it. Music is the emancipation of consciousness, leading to potentially limitless inner growth, and even self-improvement. Musical masterworks “move us forward” – they are “hints and guides”, “teaching moments”, they “open doors” to eternity and other dimensions. These musical journeys are “crossings over”. Such music is not just an extension of life, IT IS LIFE.

AG ❤