Dear all of the active and interested friends, I am compelled by the idea of reformatting our page into a club of active participants, who support our common cause, our actions from all angles, which manifest themselves in the new video and audio which have revolutionary content and are of top quality. We are all ripe and ready for this step.

“Here and now”, an excellent business is in our hands! We are moving forward the art of performing music, the philosophy and aesthetics; we are giving live music to the people. After a hundred years of stagnation we are taking down the artificial barriers between people and music, which were built by charlatans. The world of serious music is wholly in the hands of the charlatans, just like it has always been, and always will be in any “official art”. The time of freedom and true art in the world of serious music has not yet come, it had never existed, but the time is now.

Now is a unique time when we can rely only on our own strength, if you are not in an alliance with the corrupted and perfectly rotten, shameful, sick world of the “music industry”, that reflects the general picture of the modern world with its thoroughly rotten political regimes occupying literally the whole planet. The global corruption strikes all fields of human life, from the political symbols of Kremlin and the White House, to the once beautiful music capitals with their music halls and orchestras where the henchmen of those corrupt regimes have established themselves and have “ruled”.

I am asking those who are not indifferent to get down to business without any delay. We have got everything, except for time (which is characteristic for all who are rich in spirit). This is why I am asking you!


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