Music is the ideal form of life.

Definition for those who want to understand what is music, music language and performer’s role.

Music is the ideal form of life. Collective, national, individual soul expressed in sounds and left for eternity.

Don’t confuse music grammar with music language. Music grammar is the same as grammar in any linguistic system.

Music language is the brilliant cipher the best code ever developed for preserving music. One learns it entire life because it is a language of personal experience. It consists of endless artistic images and sound associations evoking instantly human emotions, thoughts and feelings.

Music is a person’s emotions, psychological and philosophical state of the individual, life experience preserved in sound vibrations. In other words – the living soul.

Performer’s task – to decode messages encoded in the notes, to enable everyone to hear and experience the feelings that the composer locked up in them.

They repeat and repeat and repeat – “Music is universal language which unite us”. (I see that constantly in music magazines, posters, “musician’s interviews”). Stop it stupid donkeys. Music language is relatively universal. But music itself is totally other subject. Learn, study, grow before you open your silly mouth.

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