Musical taste was always a problem in concert field

Another important thing which is necessary to point. Many musicians do not even able to understand where is a deep music with rich content and where is a decorative rattling music bijou.
For example if we take art of Mr. Liszt – we will see that rare piece of his music had a deep and rich content. All his countless rhapsodies and many of explosive “concertstück” are simply seriousness music rubbish. Yet, so many of “great pianists” seriously performing such music for big audiences which bring serious music making to rather chip entertainment.
One have very carefully select and deeply understand what is what. Where is timeless ideas and feelings which is pressures eternal philosophy in tones which has to be constantly thought over and performed over and over. And where is very poor number of tricks attracting lowest instincts of the audiences. Musical taste was always a problem in concert field. In our days we came to the point when we have on stage pure pornography – spiritual, intellectual and even physical.

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