“serious (classical) music has become crushingly boring”

Do you know that to play one bar of living music is more difficult than to play nicely entire music literature? It is not a “technical” matter. Even not a “spiritual” or “intellectual”. It is other dimensional physical understanding of living texture and ability to create living space. Especially between the tones. It is the most difficult task in creating great music.

Interesting, but from “big artists” whom I met only Richter was understanding the difference between “great playing” any instrument and “living music”. Nobody else.

“Music specialists”, journalists, critics around the glob complaining that “serious (classical) music has become crushingly boring”. That is precisely because nobody even cares in our days about creating living space in music making. While it is a huge school which seems nobody knows in our days. Often musicians substituting living music with a great deal of enthusiasm and physical force combining with good technical skills (Berlin philharmonic for example), but still – it has nothing to do with secrets of creating live music. Such an orchestras as B.Ph. almost can’t produce a living tone as they are robotic technicians and nothing else. Unfortunately audiences have no idea how far the active and aggressive musical noise they produce from real living music.

Elena Piccione Living music requires living soul, which knows all the shades of joy and sufferance, great courage, great strength. I see that the only struggle most “big artists” went through is that with the instrument. Most of them come from wealthy families and/or were warmly supported by a restricted élite of people and spoiled since the very beginning so they actually never fought a battle. No need to fight away from piano.
They have zero knowledge of life. Their knowledge is cerebral, just like their perfect, nice playing. No real love, no real blood. Nice fiction.

Andrei Gavrilov True. Very much so. I always pointing that size of an artist is pure anthropological matter.

Elena Piccione And actually, the less time you spend in front of the keyboard, the more you evolve as a human being. But the academic world, the place where most of “big artists” come from, is instrument – practice centered and looks at some unclean passages or wrong notes in a stricter way than it would in front of a dead, perfect performance. Students satisfied, professors satisfied, music critics satisfied. Mediocrity satisfies all.
No art in those “big artists” but…money buys all and can turn golden plastic into gold.

Andrei Gavrilov   That what makes real art a supertask. To combine life and perfection. There is no division between the two. There is life time task to become great artist. It is vulgar to think one or other “side”. Great artist is complex, synthesis of too many qualities to mention.


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