This is a very beautiful state and stage of human life, where a person becomes truly “reasonable”, justifying his “species name”. The most curious thing is that it is “not a secret” to anyone that “we are all fools”. Everyone understands that. But how to determine the degree of  “our cleverness”? There are very few who understand the topic in all it’s depths. Otherwise, everyone would be smart, who would refuse?
Very rarely I touch on a topic that is central to all sorts of “teachers”, “gurus”, “sensei” and other “shepherds” of the human race, who, one way or another, feel called to “shepherding”, or, what happens much more often, appropriates itself a similar “status” for successful trading and manipulation of people.
Last year I touched on this topic in a humorous, ironic context, speaking of funny people who believe that becoming a conscious “aware” person is a matter of willful “decision” or “faith.” In our society, especially since the 60s of the European “cultural revolution”, “psychedelic quests” and “spiritual paths” have become fashionable under the guidance of various “gurus”. We all remember how the Beatles went to the shores of the Ganges for “enlightenment” and “inspiration” under the guidance of a brisk, cunning “guru” who taught them the “true path.”
The desire of the British for their “Indian brothers” is an old European longing who live in the senseless dank atmosphere of the “intelligent megalopolises”. The naive faith of young people that they can be “enlightened” under the guidance of a “guru” is akin to the naive faith of Russian peasants, who believes already 100 years that they can be “enlightened” and guided on the “right path” under the supervision of their “party and government”, which will bless and show them the way to go in the “right direction”.
I once wrote about communism, sarcastically-ironically, that “communism is a socio-political system for aristocrats.” In my irony, often sarcasm about these topics, the main idea is that all such good aspirations are naive desire of people to “become” clever and good “at once,” according to a willful decision and “call of the heart.” Both with the help of all sorts of gurus and through religious beliefs, and even more naive and funnier – by killing “dissenters” and planting happiness in one single barack of “consonants”. No, no and NO. Any path to becoming-enlightenment, awareness lies through a personal path. Individual. Everyone has their own. Everyone has a special. And there are not and cannot be any “gurus”, “senseis”, “shepherds” and other “helpers.” Only man himself can determine this path for himself and follow it to the physical end. Finding awareness in the painful path of endless labor and constant work on oneself. Same way – in the music, especially “classical music”.
A conscious aware person does not need “faith.” He himself is “faith.” He himself is “hope and love.” A conscious person does not need a “policy” – he is his own “policy”. A conscious person does not need “advice” and “teachings” – he himself sees the endlessness of the path and work, because he sees and understands the ideals of perfection. The conscious person understands that becoming aware only he is born. And everything is “just a beginning,” and there is no “end,” as a finale to his aspirations. Because, having achieved perfection, visible to him, he immediately sees the next stage of the path to the “next stage” of perfection and the ideal of perfection. And so on to infinity.
Music is one of the best manifestations of awareness. Serious music. Saturated with meaning and awareness of thoughts and emotions. There are very few music of that level. And the champion of Europe and the World is here – Bach. In Russian music world – Mussorgsky. These two giants of spirit and thought are the best whom European and Russian modern cultures have spawned in the music of the last three centuries.
Returning to the posts and “touching on” the themes of the spirit, way of thinking and life, especially the highest point of human consciousness – awareness, I want to say that these topics should rarely appear in the “space of rhetorical discussion.” Firstly, they are very “elevated”. And this is a dangerous road – to make the sublime a common place, becoming like a “guru” by profession, and not by content. We know what this leads to. To what inescapable vulgarity can slip, using the “in vain” delicate areas of our spirit and life. (The Russian Federation has been demonstrating this to us fully for 100 years, as Germany has done before).Secondly, everything that I would have said on these topics is clear to conscious people and without me, and I say all this, rather, for myself. As a way of thinking and acting. A also – urgent tasks and actions.
Aware music in the conscious world is a distant future. As I already said. But conscious people always were and are on our planet at all times. Here is for them my music, activities, literature, philosophy, aesthetics. I live for the conscious, I have been looking for them all my life. I worked hard and I work to give such people all of myself without a trace. Our community on FB and Instagram, our happiness, our life in music is very bright and joyful. No fuss, trade, sewage. Full transparency of the life of conscious people.
I wrote this text not for us, but for those who cannot understand us. Such people are the vast majority. They live in the “current time”, “current place” and live according general way of life. Do not pay your irritated attention to our community, or to our deeds, words, thoughts, music. Pass by without noticing us.
You will come to our thoughts, understanding of things and way of life, when and if you become conscious and aware. And, until then, our worlds can not, will not and should not come into contact.

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