Warm greetings to all! (En) (Es)

For 25 years I have been preparing the best and most original “product” – an unsurpassed philosophy of music, performance, new language, new tools for new knowledge, new horizons of discovery, new thoughts, new literature, new videos, new pedagogy, new performances, new sonic worlds, new aesthetics, new, unheard of depths of understanding of musical language, new forms of performance, new science – musical psychoanalysis. All new. Put it short – a musical revolution.

I avoided society at all costs for 25 years, avoided any advertising, conversations, interviews, attention, “any noise” around my name. I was engaged exclusively in search, in the studio, on the stage, causing only reactions of complete incomprehension. People do not understand that it is possible to experiment on stage for 25 years, despising any “public opinion”, and not paying any attention to any “opinions and judgments”. Going to the goal. When you go to a goal that only you see – no one will ever “understand” you. You are doomed to a lonely difficult journey. To a complete lack of understanding, ridicule and reproach, sometimes – “public contempt.” Everyone knows that in such cases the judgment of the “crowd” is one thing – “he is crazy.” In the literature “about the crowd,” this is all repeatedly described and is known to all.

I went to the goal without looking back. Concentrating only on the accumulation of knowledge for a breakthrough into the future. People did not expect a revolution. Especially in such a “quiet and cozy” backwater, as in the god-forgotten world of “classical music”. Because even the masses know that the revolution does not ask “opinions”, but sweeps away the old. Unexpectedly.
And now, I’m ready. And we really need an “aggressive” advertisement for my revolution. Our revolution. Revolutions in music. All is ready. I’m ready. The world is ready. The world is also tired of dusty museums, instead of living in music.



46045277_1857250647655451_880365598716985344_n                 Screen shot 2018-11-13 at 12.20.05 PM                    46045277_1857250647655451_880365598716985344_n                   46045277_1857250647655451_880365598716985344_n3.jpg

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