Rachmaninov: Prelude op. 23 no. 5 in G minor



– In the original description the recording date and location were not included, so when was this recording made and where did you make it ?

AG: EMI. In the Great hall of the Moscow conservatory. It was recorded in 1984, and was the only EMI recording made in Russia after the revolution 😊 It was done through a special agreement with the politburo. I was still under Russian control – I not yet been allowed to concertize abroad.

This piece contains a bit of Wonderful military humor from SVR. Of course, we hear “horses” and military rhythms – and the forces of spring and of love. The middle is sensuous, and lilting like the water ballet of a brook.

– But then rising above all is such power – it seems simply impossible to stop ! I have listened 21 times in a row.

AG: Great, of course. Pops. SVR – a very popular sound.

–  Want to add a few words? for a blog? about the politburo?

Good. The story is the same. The British flew to Moscow in February 1984 to meet me in Odintsovo. In my “castle”. Absolutely we were all Terrified to death. Two nights we worked. In felt boots and mittens…I was an occupational hazard … The February was extraordinarily cold… Two nights, then I took them to Sheremetyevo airport. Gave them brandy on the road. To help them forget. And in June, I escaped out of Russia to England. My name is Bond. James Bond.

Translated by Svetlana Harris and Todd A Harris

46045277_1857250647655451_880365598716985344_n                 Screen shot 2018-11-13 at 12.20.05 PM                    46045277_1857250647655451_880365598716985344_n                   46045277_1857250647655451_880365598716985344_n3.jpg

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