From Berlin to Berlin and again to Berlin

It looks as if in December-January I am living in Berliener Philharmonie. There were times when I lived in Berlin (in the 80s) for quite a while at the very same Kempinski hotel (now “Hotel Bristol”) and was practicing at artistic room of Karajan for months having my “own personal key” 🙂. Nice memories.

Those days Berlin was very much to my liking. Not at all as it is now, as all Europe unfortunately. As “cold war” has gone – the spirit of Western Europe gone as well. I see frustration and chaos in minds and souls of Europeans. Germans as well, whom I loved most in Europe in 70-80s. Only nobody talks openly about the frustration. “Political correctness times”. Very bad times. As people should speak out. We have too many problems to be “politically correct”. It might well kill us. “People of good will”. If we do not speak out. At least I can do it in music. Where frustration is ever bigger. “Classical music world” doomed and infantile as hell. In many ways because of mass emigration of “soviet musicians” and pedagogs who literally “occupied music world”. Carriers of primitive soviet mentality covered with legend of “great Russian piano school” which never existed. In fact it was and it is – primitive military like music training what fascinated poor Europeans blinded by soviet music athletes. It was a great mistake of Europeans to think those days that mental slaves could possibly make real art of music.

For many years only provincial American music world was suffering under the soviets in music. Now they all “East” and “West” under the “perfect music slaves” with “steel fingers”, flat and superficial “perfection”, pretentious manners, dead brains and souls. The whole music world became mental slaves. Nobody have slightest idea what is real art of music. Especially those artesians from communist countries. Music slaves with dead mentality. That’s how it “works”, the template which restlessly repeating itself in history – invasion after invasion of barbarians ruining “another high culture”. Bringing civilizations to the state when cultural development should be started from scratch.

It ruins civilization not by weapons or physical destruction but killing intelligent mentality, stealing freedom of thinking and killing refined intelligence. I still hope I can positively change this dramatic and dangerous situation before I am gone. At least raise my voice loud enough to be heard. Indicating that we are facing the death of European and Russian music culture (don’t mix it with 20 century soviets! Pretending they represent “Russian music traditions” ). Cheers my friends. Much love to all “good will people”.

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