Anti-music phenomena in the human sonic world

“Excellent” instrument playing and “excellent” conducting are the most malignant anti-music phenomena in the human sonic world. It’s ruining metaphysic of music and the man. Music happens only when people forget on which instrument it was played.

Stupidity and talentless is the root of all the ills of humanity. The root of evil. The most terrible kind of mediocre nonsense, when a fool wants to be good, kind, right and righteous. Here happens death of all alive.

Those, reasoning about music within the framework of “tonalities”, “rhythm”, “intervals”, “harmonic functions”, “sound power”, “quality”, “touch” etc., of the same kind – not just an idiots. It’s an idiots in space scale. (The whole world of musical “criticism”, “professional world of musicians”). When you hear such donkey “discussingt music” – cross the street and never get in contact.

People who cite constantly “examples from the past”, cite “smart people” of the past centuries, are immersed in the “thoughts” expressed in past centuries doing that not because they “appreciate the beauty” as they think, but just because they are not able to see anything in the present. They are destined to walk through their lives with heads turned backwards.

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