Как прекрасно написал Тодд! Как жемчужина на крышке ларца с сокровищем.
Спасибо, дорогой Тодди! Модест Петрович, наконец, получил адекватные своему прекрасному труду слова и дела.

In this new 21st century recording, Andrei Gavrilov taps directly and philosophically into the consciousness of the Russian composer, Modest Mussorgsky, and transmits the composer’s thoughtful physiognomy through his own consciousness into ears of the modern world. On this disc, and in the video and textual archive to which listeners will have access by purchasing this CD, Andrei Gavrilov has made his mission the masterful transmission of Mussorgsky’s physiognomy to listeners by communicating consciousness to the listener through his hands. He hopes that this will help grow humanity’s ocean of awareness, and strengthen the ties between time, tune, and human temperament. A fully aware man is never empty, and the sea is never full. As for Andrei, music simply IS life. Unable to rationalize the death of his friend Hartmann, “Pictures” is the story of how faith revealed to Mussorgsky a way to gain relief from despair. Greatly inspired through the pictures by these revelations, he faces his inner fears and doubts, allowing him to generally overcome them. Pictures is a personal trip through consciousness, walking the listener through an Exhibition of nothing less than the composer’s own physiognomy. Promenading the depths of evil and the hardships of life, he invites takes listeners to accompany him to a place where there is nothing but light, where there is no evil – a victory of understanding over ignorance – an apotheosis of good and happiness. Modest Mussorgsky was “a new type of man.” Metaphysically, his spirit was consistent with Beethoven’s restless spirit – a frantic Democrat and a fighter for justice. His restless nature sought a “new order” and new ways of building a “just society”. Such spiritual aspirations led to extraordinarily refined thoughts, the whole of his physiognomy centered on the characteristics of a “purity of heart”. His lack of a formal conservatory schooling in composition led him to author a highly original musical language. Expression of a wide variety of innovative artistic ideas and designs came naturally, rivaling the traditionally European styles of Tchaikovsky or Rachmaninov. As a trailblazer, Mussorgsky was one of the “great misunderstood”, creating masterworks misperceived in his own time, often possessing of a quality surpassing that of his peers. In the melody of his nostalgic opuses, Mussorgsky allows us to see and hear those strings of the human soul that so-called “classical music” did not even touch upon before him. The time for understanding the meanings and values of Mussorgsky’s music is still evolving. Embedded within it, the eastern part of the development of the original Slavic branch of musical art expressed for the first time, adding to the cosmos the wild part of tribal man’s beginning, which without Mussorgsky, and later Stravinsky, would never have been part of serious musical expression. So here is a peek at a 19th century man who saw past the limit of his time, and in some ways predicted the revolution in modern musical art, expressed through electronic music, especially by rock music of the late 20th century. In a time when humanism finds no enhancement in high technology, music is the binding tie, the innate sinew of mankind, and, matched with thoughtful endeavor and soulful introspection, it actually elevates humanity. The highest form of philosophy, Serious music has a time-tested and unique role as mankind’s most seasoned statesman, raising up everyone it touches. The most developed, sophisticated, and uniquely human of tasks, its Song airs above the ancients weeping over stone tablets, evolving a crafted dialogue between mind, soul, and the infinite. The New Era 21st century recording on this disc is of a Russian Piano masterwork, composed by a 19th century man who glimpsed the future of 20th century Jazz, Swing, and Rock music, and performed by a 21st century man who taps the composer’s consciousness to paint a picture of his soul.

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