The institution of “classical music business”

When people react on phrases, thoughts, convictions they meet in other person with the template – “What an ego!”
They show two things – their own ego (those who have flexible refined intelligence don’t switch off as ram meeting obstacle).
And their stupidity as they even don’t want to digest thouhts they meet, just switching off using cheap template protecting in such a childish way “their picture of the world”. Hopeless.

The famous “third law” of Newton says – “When one body exerts a force on a second body, the second body simultaneously exerts a force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction on the first body”.

It is even more actual in the world of spirit, ideas and thoughts. Only those who break “Newton law” in spiritual philosophic world – make people happier.

The institution of “classical music business” with “classical music industry” turned to be the enemy of the art of serious music for quite a long time. They take care about money, money and once more – money. It “serves” only itself. Can such an institution serve music? It can only serve prostitution and slave trading. What “music business” successfully does. This poisonous bubble should be eliminated as soon as possible from the surface of our planet.

I like this It’s beyond imagination. Блатные выбрали акдемиков. Какой стыд там быть, скажем, “профессором музыки”. Jesus! 😂 Europe and USA now under those “music culture”, my God. What a mockery. And nobody feels it. The whole music world is under primitive gangsters. And the rest of the “world culture”. I always say – if you listen cretins music, you become cretin very fast. And the whole world did.

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