Music language

Humans are very funny and naive creatures. It shows especially funny in their attitude towards music. Their naivity and infantilism has no borders, it shows in music as nowhere else. They all “hypothetically know” that music is the language. In a row with mathematic language and verbal languages. Nobody would dare to say they “enjoy mathematics” or foreign language not knowing it. But “every idiot” think he “can “understand” music. When music is much more sophisticated language than any verbal language.

Taking to conciedtration that every composer creates his own languge using music grammar – the chances to undestand music language are very slim. One have to work all his life in order to aquire access to music language of any particular composer. And yet – just have a look at “music forums” or even here at crowded FB or Instagram. Every damn creature who learned music grammer – “talks about music”. They mix “listening” and “enjoying sounds” with understanding and enjoying music. While music understanding remains and will be “terra incognita” for almost every of them till they all die.

For my entire life I did not meet a single person who was understanding music above the level of musiuc grammer! They “understand” it on the level of sentences and phrases. That’s what made me so angry with myself and lazy selfsatisfied “musical humanity”. That it is precisely what persuaded me to “leave the world” for almost 30 years in order to develop technic and ability to undestand music language on the highest possible level. As we understand “mother tongue”. And only now, at my 63(!) I got the ability to read music language as easy as we read literary languges. Only now I can say – I understand music language. Which makes possible for me to undestand music at last. Only now.

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