As long as humans will exist music will be living and developing

We should always keep in mind that serious (classical) music is not a form of art, but it is a synthetic cultural phenomenon combining art, philosophy, literature, poetry, visionary science, mathematics, visual arts in tones, psychology, religion, history, emotional states, cerebral processes expressed in tones. All together – preserving the living “human soul”. Therefore we should treat it differently compared to any other forms of human self expression, at first as a highest form of philosophy and on top of that as a form of synthetic art. And never forget that it has unlimited potential for development. As long as humans will exist music will be living and developing. AG

I want to explain to you the “secret” of constant expanding of the best of serious (classical) music. It expands with us. Only this unique synthesis of arts, literature, science and highest form of philosophy works basically with humans associative chains. Deeper the music – richer associative chains of our thoughts, feelings and emotions. In return – we can build those chains in our brain only with richest possible life experiences. It means “bigger we are” – we better feel and understand music. Nothing like that exist in the world. As with all the other subjects we study or better know – less new it contains for us. Vice versa only with space of music. Better we know any subject, richer we grow, more we experience – music expands and expands. Because our association chains growing endlessly with time passing by, experiences we overlive. Phenomenal and unique. 😘 AG


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