We are living in the modern world of facts and arguments. If one say – I understand something better than others and does not giving facts – he is either insane or crazy.
To avoid such possible allegations or suspicions I do every recording from this year with fully literary translated music texts in printing as a small book because every major music piece is like a “book in tones”. When you put it in literary language – it becomes a real book, real novella. I also add video of the story with music samples with my piano from my studio at home. And on top – there is professional studio recording as an “ordinary” good old audio disk. That is what I call “facts and arguments”. If somebody want to argue – do better books, CD and video. I would be only happy, the world audiences would be very happy and music students all over the world too! The whole world would be very happy when this professional task will be done cleverer, better, broader and more intelligent. AG


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