Awareness in music making

Musicians of all ages have a paucity of practical professional tools for increasing their knowledge and understanding of musical works. Generally, they are guided by their teachers’ intuition, “traditions”, book knowledge, and copying performances from audio recordings; unfortunately, these sources and methods fail to adequately help students understand the music’s inherent meanings.

Students would greatly benefit from having access to audio and video material that contains detailed decoding and analysis of such musical meanings; with such tools, the meanings of musical texts could be clearly elucidated and mastered. Better still, such information can be gathered from watching and listening on portable devices (such as smart phones, laptops, etc.) which easily share space on one’s piano. This provides a readily visible and comfortably accessible source of intuitive guidance to the teachable meanings behind the music.

The new method of Andrei Gavrilov, which he developed through his long career, is contained within the foundational materials of the UCM. This “Unzipped Classical Music” source provides video lectures and performances which illustrate and educate utilizing Andrei’s unique and in-depth understanding of the art of music via a synthesis of the humanities – from philosophy and anthropology to psychology and a broad cultural selection of art forms including literature and poetry.

This special approach makes possible a penetration into the composer’s physiognomy – a soulful examination of psychology and motivations – social, cultural and intellectual – behind the art of the musical scores. The deep analysis contained within the materials that Andrei Gavrilov provides will allow musical students of all ages to consciously practice and educate themselves on the working meanings and images embedded in musical works. This will save them from being led down the improper path by typically unsatisfactory approaches.

Students will experience the joy of communicating with composers as living people, rather than as distant statues placed on shelves or the remotely stark portraits hung upon studio walls. Frank conversation, straight talk, and direct, meaningful analysis of composers and their compositions are shared by Andrei Gavrilov as he talks with them through his performances. He conveys the meanings of their art, with the emotional and artistic images embedded in their compositions. This invaluable tool of knowledge at the UCM has only now became available by using twenty first century technology to convey the soul of traditional musical materials. The treasure experience and technique within each set of lectures/performances commands the broad range and impressive amounts of information drawn qualitatively from modern approaches to various sciences.

From centuries past, until now, the technics and acuity of performance was treated as a matter of acquired or inherited intuition, and was the product of a priori tradition rather than as a modern technical skill; there was little science contained in the resultant developed approach to the interpretation of serious music. Andrei’s new approach to music transfers the empirical amateur experience of many generations of interpreters to a level of genuine science – today this science of performance delivers a new level of quality and remains true to the art of music as intended by original creators, thus bringing a truer and more human face to our serious musical culture across the globe. AG

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