Eighth part of English version of “Pictures at an exhibition”

Another masterpiece of Modest Petrovich. A stunning sketch of humanity in a negative light – arrogant, vulgar, stupid, self-satisfied. Satire in music. The rarest example of musical literature. Unsurpassed. Many composers tried to embody humor and satire in music. From ancient poets-musicians to Shostakovch and Prokofiev. But no one had such a natural gift of parodies, satire and humor in music as Mussorgsky. His music is ridiculous when Modest Petrovich laughs, sharp, when he is acutely ironic, even sarcastic in his satire. Any pictures, any moods obey him. Any condition, any spiritual and emotional state. A very big genius was in this man. Embracing epic talent and innovative insights leading today’s innovators of rock music like Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple. No wonder nobody could understand him at his time and even in our days. He went too far ahead of time!

Enjoy, my dear friends.


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