Ninth part of English version of “Pictures at an exhibition”

Central dramatic point of Mussorgsky’s masterpiece. “Catacombs”. Where Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky using his music as a “time machine” and the tool of sending most dramatic intimate and subconscious emotions in the ocean of time-space. Using very original, unusual for his time innovative technique of psychedelic improvisation which will come to our planet only a century later with revolutionary rock musicians as Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin adn Deep Purple. Mussorgsky “jumps out” of his time. He is doomed to be not understood for one and a half century. Untill theese very days of presentation to the world our “UCM Pictures production” series released in 2018.

This case with “Pictures at an exhibition” is another very sad example demonstrating how “hoplessly retarded humanity” not being able to fololow and understand it’s best “creative sons”. It is a bitter reality of loneliness of geniuses doomed to be not understood by people sometimes during centuries after they passed away.


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