Exploring music with Andrei Gavrilov

who will guide you into the heart of the music space!

A few words about the pilot festival project on the island of Ischia

Andrei Gavrilov

Serious music is a world that people still have to learn about. The best works of classical music are still waiting to be heard and comprehended through deep insight and understanding. Music is an ideal world that humanity knows only from afar. Just as people admire the beautiful planet in the night sky without visiting it.

It is completely obvious to me that the whole experience of performing to this day was such an “admiration” of the magic world from afar.

Music has yet to be fully vested by people in themselves. People have not yet visited this magic planet, where the “ideal life form” of man is located. Art is the dream of immortality. The desire of man to reach the ideal of highest pure consciousness, breaching the void that separates us bodily in the emotive context, but still approaching perfection in the land of reality. Music is a form of a person’s ideal life, because the living soul of a person lives in music, captured forever through the process of life in sounds.

For me, it is absolutely obvious that 200 years of active professional playing of performers, the era of modern performance from the time of Liszt, Chopin and Schumann, was only the era of preparing the technical foundation for the “flights” to the “music planet”, especially for life on it.

This is to be done by future generations of performing musicians. Until now, mankind was content only with sounds, but not music. Creating music requires completely different “tools” and energy output than people have so far thought. Music must be understood and articulated verbally. Equally experienced by performers and listeners – Where the performer will be the conductor of the public in the world of music. And only then, when the entire content side is verbally and musically revealed by the performer and experienced together with the listeners, should the music be performed and listened to.

Both musicians and the public (listeners) must reach a fundamentally new intellectual level of development. Unarticulated and meaningless musical emotion-thought is not music. It is just a set of sounds. We need a completely new approach. This can not be achieved “immediately”, with volitional effort. This is a process for ages. For those people who want to develop and go to a new level of thinking. Develop, moving to a different stage of development, as evolution develops nature.

O “Festival”

The traditional festival, as a “run-through” series of concerts, has long outlived itself, like the “contests” and the whole “world of classical music”, because the “world of classical music” is not able to offer anything fundamentally new, preferring to admire the “planet of music” from afar as it always has been. It is time to move to another level of human development, another level of civilization, the next stage of development of the intellect of a person who loves and appreciates beauty. This new “festival” on the island of Ischia will be such an attempt for selected people who seriously want to move to a fundamentally new stage of development. To know live conscious music and find out what the difference is between intuitive and conscious performance and listening to music. These are two completely different stages of human development. A man of intuition, and a man of reason. The difference is as great as the difference of modern civilization from the cave people.

Our meetings on Ischia will consist of preparation for flight, where we will learn and be made aware of serious works in special “concert lectures.” And, before parting, “we will hold a concert of” completed works, “which will be meaningful music-making with a meaningful, conscious audience. Thus, within one week of our joint stay in the most beautiful scenery of the nostalgic island, we will try to move to a fundamentally new level of cultural and intellectual development.

Will such meetings be regular? In many respects it depends on the desire of people to grow. Time will tell. But there is always hope.


                Festival Program


                           October 13-20

Consists of two Event Sets:

  1. Festival program” – musical meetings
  2. Excursion program” – recreation program

You can choose both programs in whole or any program in whole or in part


October 13

Day of arrival

Excursion program

15.00 Botanical Garden “Gardini la Mortella”

19.00 dinner

We meet you at the port and you come to the hotel of your choice.

At 14.30 we invite you to a walk in the famous Botanical Gardens and for dinner (in the menu is rabbit)


October 14

Excursion program

10.00 to 16.00 sightseeing tour “Acquaintance with Signor Ischia”,


Throughout the first half of the day we get to know the unique island of Ischia. The tour will be rich and informative. We will drive around the island, stop at panoramic sites, take a stroll through Sant’Angelo, visit Sorgeto Bay, take beautiful photos. During the tour, lunch is planned in a restaurant with seafood

17.30 – 19.00 Festival Program**

meeting with the Maestro

  1. Liszt Sonata in B minor

Venue – “Regina Isabella” Hotel


October 15

Excursion program

9.00 to 19.00 excursion “We are going to the island of Capri”

We will go to Capri island by speedboat and will spend the whole day exploring its sights. Let’s take a boat trip around the island, climb the funicular to the most beautiful panoramic sites … During the tour, lunch is planned at the restaurant-pizzeria. After returning to Ischia island free time


October 16

Excursion program

10.00 to 19.00 excursion “Thermal Treasures of Ischia Thermal Park “Gardens of Poseidon”, dinner

In the morning we go on an excursion to uncover all the secrets of the thermal nature of the island, visit the thermal springs, see the fumaroles, learn about the lines of thermal cosmetics, visit the thermal treatment center … And spend the afternoon in the thermal pools of the most famous thermal park where lunch is planned


October 17

Excursion program

12.00 to 16.00 excursion “History of Ischia. The Castle Aragonese ”, dinner

Excursion walk through the ancient streets of the island with a story about the events of many centuries. We will visit the Aragon castle, learn its history and secrets. Then we will go by boat for lunch, to a restaurant with a panoramic view of the Aragonese castle and the islands of the Bay of Naples

17.30 – 19.00 Festival Program **

meeting with the Maestro

  1. Mussorgsky “Pictures at an exhibition”

Venue – “Regina Isabella” Hotel

The concert repertoire will be determined later


October 18

Excursion program

13.00 to 17.00 excursion “Wine and gastronomic traditions of Ischia”; tastings

We will be visiting two winemakers, whose wines are the best in Italy. We walk through the vineyards, see how the production is carried out. You will be offered tastings of the best wines, liqueurs, as well as local snacks

19.30 Festival Program***

dinner with the Maestro

Invitational Andrei Gavrilov”


October 19

Festival program*

14.00-16.00 Big concert

The venue will be announced later

19.00 Reception for guests of the Festival

in case of non-participation in the excursion program is paid additionally (100 euro


October 20

Departure day

Excursion program 13.00 botanical garden “Gardini la Mortella”, lunch (the participants of the excursion program who arrived on October 13 late in the evening)



1 “Festival Program” – Meetings with the Maestro

You can pay for participation – in the amount of 100, 300, 500 euro in the form of a fee on the site. The participation fee of the Festival is non-refundable (Donate)


In the payment please indicate the Name of the participant with the note “ISCHIA”.



In the payment please indicate the Name of the participant with the note “ISCHIA”.

An important addition is that you can also make your Member Contribution in parts

By making the appropriate contribution, you become a member of the musical part of the Festival Program


The number of events is ranked by fee and marked * , ** , ***

* donate 100 euro:

Big concert, new CD, The Maestro’s autograph


** donate 300 euro:

Big concert

meeting with the Maestro Andrei Gavrilov – F. Liszt Sonata in B minor

meeting with the Maestro Andrei Gavrilov – M. Mussorgsky “Pictures at an exhibition”

new CD, The Maestro’s autograph


*** donate 500 euro:

meeting with the Maestro Andrei Gavrilov – F. Liszt Sonata in B minor

meeting with Maestro Andrei Gavrilov Mussorgsky – “Pictures at an exhibition”

dinner with the Maestro “Invitational Andrei Gavrilov”

Big concert

new CD, The Maestro’s autograph


If you are planning to participate in a group (family, friends), please let us know, before you pay for participation in the “Festival Program” – Donate

2 “Excursion program”

Provides a package, but you can choose specific days by paying in advance for only the cost of the days you choose to attend. With this option you can not participate in the excursion program.

The total cost of the excursion program is 1450 euro for person

for family, groups – 1350 euro for person

The cost of the full excursion program includes all transfers around the island, all tickets for the program, a guide for all the days of excursions, organizational support, lunches or dinners for the program without wine, a buffet table, souvenirs and gifts of the Festival, etc.

Note: The choice of hotel / apartment at your request, we recommend in the towns of Lacco Ameno, Casamiccola and Ischia Porto.

We also ask you to inform us in advance of your arrival time on the island.


The number of participants of the Festival is limited by the size of the halls for chamber concerts … so for a very long time, please do not think. All questions on the organization of your trip, we welcome.

Translated by Svetlana Harris and Todd A Harris








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