To my non-russian speaking friends.
Dear friends,
please do not send me any requests to “like” this or that phenomenon in the music performing world of the last 200 years. I completely reject the philosophy and aesthetics of performance that developed by the middle of the 19th century. Learn music, try to understand its philosophy. Everything that you have been taught, and everything that you know in music performing world is still an ancient form of consciousness of a person without “aware” understanding of music. What people do and how they treat music till our days is just “presenting a form” with poor “intuitive guessing” of content. What people “know” and “enjoy” as music it is just a surface of very deep cultural and scientific phenomenon. For a conscious understanding, you have to become conscious, fully “aware” people, at first. It is a long and difficult journey. When you will manage that, the music will begin to reveal its “secrets” to you. And you will understand its philosophy. At first try to articulate at least for yourself – what is music? When you will understand that music is not at all an art and not at all “the language” you will start to progress in understanding of the phenomenon called “music”.
All the very best,
PS If you want a guideline about “what music is”. Please try to understand that: “Composing music” – is a form of presenting personal information using music language. “Performing music” – is a form of psychological experience of personal and collective immersion in human consciousness in the space of sonic world.
Music is still “waiting” for the “next stage” of human civilization. Music demands much higher level of cultural and intellectual development of the human being.
AG ❤

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